Naming Dissolution of Marriage and Death

The children of the member of the society shall be named in the society. For the naming of their children they shall pay a sum of Rs.250.00 to the society. This amount may be enhanced or decreased according to the status of parents.
Dissolution of Marriage

1. If husband and wife desires to divorce themselves shall intimate individually their intension in written of their own in the stamped paper to the society for appropriate actions.
2. If the matters of divorce are not solved in the society they should seek remedy in the court of law. Society is not responsible if they go against the rule of society.


The dead body of the member shall be cremated or buried at the allotted place. If any member requested by a will or return to society, the society will undertake to dispose the body with me expenditure.

Any additions or deletions regarding the subject matter of the sun shall be reviewed by the executive committee for the develop process. The same shall be approved by the general body.