Membership of Society

There shall be the following clauses of the members of the society:
1. Members
2. Associate members,
3. Life members  

Conditions for membership:
a) Who Can be a Member:

Any person who is duty initiated into Buddhist religion by his/her having undergone the ceremony of dhamadiksha as prescribed by the society and has paid his/her initial membership fee of Rs. 250/-.Shall be eligible to be a member of the society. 

b) Associate Membership:
Any person who is sympathetic to the aims and objects of the society and is not hostile to the Buddhist religion may be admitted as an associate member of the society on paying the associated membership fee of Rs. 200/-.
c) Life Membership:
Any member / associate member paying a lumpsum donation of Rs. 3000/- or more to the society shall be eligible as a life member of the society. If any member, associate member who work against the rules and regulations of the society his/her membership will be ceasca automatically and such persons will not be admitted as a memes under any circumstances.
d) Membership Dues:
Every member should bound to pay Rs. 100/- as a monthly donation whether he/she is a member or an associate member. Failure in due time incur loss of membership and also right to vote, unless such penalty is waived by an executive committee/president.
The affairs of the society shall be managed by the executive committee of 21 members who elect among themselves a president, a vice president, a general secretary, a joint secretary, an asst secretary, a treasurer and an internal auditor. The executive committee shall be elected by the general body of members for every one year and shall hold office for a period of one year or until next election takes place.

To Join Our Asoka Dhamma Dhutha Buddhist Society(ADDBS) Download This Application form, fill in your details, and submit your form to Committee members.