a) Among the members of the society, males 20 years of the age and females 18 years of age with the consent of their guardian’s shall become eligible for marriage…

b) No consent of the guardians/parents is needed for the marriage of male and female who are above 21 years and 19 years of age respectively.  

c) The marriage shall be performed under the auspices of the society Where the marriages are conducted at the distance places the president and secretary shall be present with the marriage register of the society to conduct the wedding. All their expenses should be borne by the bride and bridegroom.  

d) Before marriage male and female shall individually inform to the society in writing of their intension by paying of Rs.500.00 each. 

e) The society shall conduct the marriages fifteen days after the receipt of notices of such marriages. The conducted parties affixing their signature in the register of the society in the presence of the witnesses for their mutual agreement constitutes marriage.

Second Marriage While First Life Partneris Alive:

1. It is forbidden for the Buddhist to marry a second time when the first life partner is alive. If any one goes against this rule, not only be expelled from the society but also necessary proceedings will take place according to law.

2. If any one male and female (Husband & Wife) are unfit in their health then and individuals are permitted to get Re-marry according to their will.