Functions of Executive Committee


1. To elect chairman of the committee, sub-committee to organize and conduct meetings.
2. To appoint sub-committees as and when necessity arises.
3. To hold executive committee meetings at least once in a month.
4. To convene a special meeting of executive on the written requisition of one third of the number of members of the executive committee and such meetings shall be convened within 10 days from the date of receipt of requisition.
5. All the properties, assets and funds of the society shall be rest in the name of Asoka dhamma Dhutha Buddhist Society and the board of management shall hold and administer the same in accordance with decision of the general body, of the society.

All transaction of money and funds shall be deposited in the schedule bank, as the board of management trusted, may from time to time, determine, all such deposits in the bank shall be in the name of society and shall be operated upon or drawn by the president, Gen, secretary and treasurer jointly by any two of the office bearers. 

Accounts: Regular books of accounts shall be maintained containing a clear record of all the transactions of the society. The accounts for each year shall be closed by preparing a receipts and payments statement and balance sheet and got audited by the internal auditor and report together with the objection/observation if any of the board of management. There on shall be appended to the annual report on the working of the association to be submitted before the general body meeting. 

Financial Year: The financial year of the society shall be from 1st day of April to 31″ day of March.