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Origin Of Buddhism in Kolar Gold Fields Karnataka, India

about us

Asoka Dhamma Dutha Buddhist Society (ADDBS) was founded and established at Gowtham Nagar 11 Divn (opposite to KSRTC bus depot), Robertsonpet, Kolar Gold Fields -563122, by late Ven. Agama Pandit Ariyavansa Maha Nayaka Thero of Mathre Srilanka in the year 1952, a great scholar, philosopher, and follower of the highly disciplined order of Sangha with compassion, after his frequent visit to the Buddhist centres like South India Buddhist Association with Buddhist schools at Marikuppam and Champion Kolar Gold Fields which were established in the year 1907 and 1911 respectively by late. Shri. Ayothi Dass Pandit. This centre became the gateway for Buddhism in Karnataka, for the same reason Babasaheb B. R. Ambedkar visited the South India Buddhist Association Champion, KGF On 11th July 1954.

Objects Rules And Regulations Of ADDBS

Powers Rules and Regulations of Buddhist Society

a) To receive donations and to collect funds for the Society.

Functions of Executive Committee

To appoint sub-committees as and when necessity arises.

Naming Dissolution of Marriage and Death

The children of member of the society shall be named in the society.

Powers and Duties of Office

The society who preside over all the meetings and functions of the society.

Membership of Society

Any member / associate member paying a lumpsum donation of Rs. 3000/- .

Objects of Buddhist Society

To establish Vihars for Buddhist worship and conducting weakly Sunday services.


No consent of the guardians/parents is needed for the marriage of male and female who are above 21 and 19 years.


The society shall remove any member whose action is contradictory to the principles of Buddhism and rules of the society.

Trustees & Executive Committee Members

Dr. Pooraneson Raju


B. Gowthaman

Gen. Secretary


Asst. Secretary

Prathap Kumar


D. Chandran​

Ex-General Secretary

Dr. Karthick Pooraneson

Office Bearer

K. Anandan

Vice President I

P. Panchamani


Smt. G. Merrabai

Asst. Secretary

Shri. Madhivanan

Ex-General Secretary

Raj Manohar

Office Bearer

Deva kumar

Vice President II

Dr. Prabhu Ram

Joint. Secretary

G. Jayaprakash

Organising Secretary


Ex-Asst. Secretary

Dr. Krishna Kumar

Office Bearer

Dr. Ramani Pooraneson

Office Bearer

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